Who Am I?

I am an experienced singer, performer, and MC who has performed all over the world, on 5 continents and in dozens of communities. 

I perform Jewish, Israeli and English music, tailoring the experience to your tastes for your unique event.   

I lead the international crowd singing project “Sing-Together”, and am an experienced cantor and prayer leader, speaker, Shaliach, and Zionist educator. I lead Shabat and holiday experiences for groups and families, as well as ceremonies and expeditions, using my powerful and pleasant voice, charisma and unparalleled stage presence. I can perform alone or with a band, playing variety of instruments, all according to your needs and preferences. 

My positive energy and professional demeanor is guaranteed to raise the roof at your special event and leave you and your guests satisfied customers. 

Why Choose Me?

There are so many options to choose from, but no one else will provide exactly what you’re looking for. 

An experienced singer who will lift hearts and bring joy, who can perform it all. I am no stranger to traditional pieces, while feeling at home with modern English and Israeli music, and can produce your event exactly the way you want it. I get the audience and flow with your vision.

Maybe you’re looking for a DJ, or perhaps you want an opening song to set the mood, while getting everyone on the dance floor. An MC who will be there from beginning to end who will get everyone dancing their hearts out! Whatever you’re imagining, together we can make it real at affordable prices. You choose what you want at your event, how many performers you want in the band, and what the dance floor will look like, and I’ll make it happen. 

Whether your audience is younger or older, whether you’re looking for someone to lead Shabbat prayers or sing Disney songs at the Friday night meal. Whether you’re looking for someone to bring a guitar to Havdalah or do magic tricks for kids, I’m who you’re looking for. After leading such events and Shabbatot in Israel, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Hugary, Austria, Poland, Uganda, Macadonia, and the US, I’m ready to make your vision a reality! 

How I Understood I'm a Real Singer - Thanks to Aviv Gefen and Yedi'ot Achronot

During my IDF service I saw an advertisement on the back page of Yedi’ot Achronot, in which Aviv Gegen asked the public to send him covers of the song “Should I be in Love with You”. The winner chosen by Aviv would sing a duet with him at a rock concert in Tel Aviv, in front of 6,300 people. 

I sent a cover that my incredible sister Rachel hadas filmed, and was chosen out of hundreds of submissions. Aviv said I was  “a lovely person with a lovely voice”, adding that I was a religious soldier to boot so he was twice as lucky. 

I think those words embody my life as a singer. 

Zionism, faith, a lovely voice and a good person. Maybe you’ll get twice as lucky too? 

First Single - Country Roads

A cover with a Zionest interpretation to the song Country Roads by John Denver. 
Lyrics: Daniel Yehuda and Rami Bado. Composer: John Denver. Singer: Daniel Yehuda. 

You’re welcome to open the link and read more about the song. For my first single I wanted to sing a song I’d enjoy, that would combine all my different aspects. English country music, a Zionist song about the land of Israel which refers to the place where I grew up, Mitzpeh Netufah in the Lower Galilee. 

The song is played on various radio stations, especially on national days off which are popular for hiking. 

Second Single - Everybody's Light

An original song I wrote and composed with friends from Yehivah, Elad Ziegler and Tal Shevach. 

My second single is dedicated to the second stage of my life, to Jerusalem and its unique lights. To everything I learned from it, from the old to the new, the past and future, the traditional and modern. 

The song featured more of the genres I enjoy, including rap, and is generally a more upbeat song. It expresses my love for education and Judaism learned by storytelling and personal experience. 

The song is dedicated to the soldiers who fell in the battle for Jerusalem, whose story is told at the museum on Ammunition Hill.